Welcome! If you're seeking inspirational quotes, heartfelt poems and short stories, hopefully you'll love what you find here!

Inspirational quotes are useful for all sorts of occasions. Powerful words will bolster that wedding speech you’re to give, or perhaps to spice up a business presentation you’ll soon deliver.  

Quotes can be fun and yet have a profound impact on us. Inspirational quotes can elevate a tired soul and encourage the disheartened. 

We will have varied responses when we read inspired words depending our mood, our health, the weather, or the current events in our lives. 

But things have shifted away from just inspirational quotes. Because I started thinking about you. 

Whether you’ve landed on this page and are reading these words intentionally, or are here quite by accident, here you are.  I began to wonder more about you and like any other intelligent human might, I started to make a few assumptions. About you. Yes, you.

You see, if you’re still reading this, then at a minimum, you’re curious about where I’m heading. Well, to be honest, I too am fascinated to see what will emerge from the words on these pages yet to come! 

So yes, assumptions.  

Here are some of my assumptions about you:

  • You want more than an inspirational quote
  • You’re curious. (easy one, I already said this above but I’m just warming up!)
  • You have above average intellect
  • You most likely possess solid emotional intelligence
  • At least once in your life you’ve said something like: “there has to be more to life than this”
  • You seek meaning and truth
  • You’re kind and compassionate towards any living thing
  • Injustice angers you
  • Nature enraptures you
  • Words move you. Words can make your spine tingle. You love words and stories.
  • Your spidy-sense, or bull-shit meter is growing more intense and accurate every year
  • Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re hungry for men to be men again, and vibrant with healthy, loving, masculinity.  You need it for yourself, or for your husband, or brother/father/boss. You believe the world needs it too.
  • You probably meditate, or want to
  • You do yoga, or want to
  • And you eat mostly plant-based food, or want to
  • You don’t thrive on processed food or people
  • You’re a reader
  • You’re probably quite creative
  • And Love is your baseline 

And you are so, so much more.  The list above is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to you. Speaking of icebergs, did you read my story about my Grandma on the Titanic yet? Wild! 

So you have a lot going on. I was meditating on why someone like you might visit, or even hang out, on a site like this.  

Maybe the list above doesn’t describe you at all, at least not fully, but you’re drawn to these ideas. Even if you haven’t acknowledged it yet, there is something brewing deep inside you.  Small talk, celebrity gossip, sports statistics or political analysis don’t cut it for you anymore.  

You want to talk about love, energy, the future, spiritual things, ancient wisdom, psychedelics, passions, truth, and other beautiful things!

Well, so do I want to talk about those things! And that’s precisely what we’ll do.  

Let’s talk about topics that fire up our souls, that turn on the lights, that make us better.  Oh, and yes, we will sprinkle generously all sorts of heartfelt inspirational quotes throughout.

Also, I must tell you.  I have a story concept brewing that I think will be fun to read. More on that later.

For now, add yourself to the subscriber list and I’ll happily update your inbox periodically with new developments. Oh, and check out our FaceBook Community page.

Thank you for visiting. I am truly grateful.  


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