About Clifton Kanto

Hello there! My name is Clifton Kanto and I'm so grateful that you've stopped by! It is my wish that you find something here that you'll find beneficial for yourself or a loved one.  This site is a complete labor of love for me and its evoluton is still very much in progress.  I am open to your ideas and feedback and I hope that you'll follow along with me as the site decides what it will be when it grows up.  As you'll notice, I'm a huge fan of inspirational quotes so feel free to send me yours and I'll do my best to incorporate it in my work here.

Creativity emerging in the form of the written word, inspirational quotes, pictures and video.

A little bit about me - since this IS the "about" page - I grew up in a very small town in Northwestern Ontario and moved to the "big city" of Thunder Bay when I was 18 years old.  In the late 1990's, I moved to Vancouver, BC. My life has been gloriously filled with its share of difficulties, wins and losses, love and sadness. I am a serial entrepreneur, yogi, vegan, lover, observer, light-seeker, futurist, and rebel. I am prodigiously in love with my wife. We live in beautiful British Columbia and have two small dogs named Oscar & Dexter. I am blessed to be father to two beautiful human beings, both adults now. Also, I am thrilled to be Grandfather to two effervescent young ladies!  

Only in recent years has my creativity begun to emerge in the form of writing, poetry, photography, and video.  I have yet to master any of the above but I attempt all with gusto!  

I love quotes! Inspirational quotes. Love quotes. Famous quotes. All of them! So, you’ll find them sprinkled generously throughout this site.

As time goes on, you will see more of my life story on these pages along with the lessons learned. I sincerely hope you enjoy purusing my work.  Lots of love and blessings to you.

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