If you're anything like me, you love a good story. Most people I know are entralled by a great short story. Probably this is why we love movies, TV shows and books as much as we do.

In these pages, you'll find a growing collection of short stories and anecdotes that I've written.  I truly hope that you enjoy reading snippets from my life in these short stories.  

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The first Short Story is about my Grandmother on my mother's side and her failed attempt to get to North America on the Titanic way back in 1912. Read that story here.  Grandma Helga was 9 years old at the time of her great Titanic adventure. Someone put a life jacket on her and literally threw her into a life boat.  She was one of the lucky ones. More of that story here.

The second Short Story is about My Dad.  He has always been a gadget man. Our house looked like a porcupine with all the TV and radio antennas protruding from the roof.

Everywhere around our house, yard and garage there were tools, parts of cars, electronics, and a range of ongoing projects at various stages of completion. One year, he built us kids a car, yes a car! Read more about that here. An all-round genious with mad skills, my Dad could make anything he chose. More on that story here.

I was adopted at birth and welcomed into a loving family. More on my adoption story later but this third Short Story is about my (adoptive) Mom, Lillian Kanto. She was known as Lilly and loved by anyone that knew her.  She was quick to smile and laugh even though she was invaded by ongoing health issues.  A bit more about my Mom in the short story here.

This short story is about my first car accident. I've participated in two major car crashes in my life and a couple minor incidents.  In this short story, I attempt to replay the experience for you while highlighting how silly a young man can be, especially under the influence of alcohol. Please never drink and drive!!  Perhaps consider a donation to MADD.

I've been coupled with my wife for going on a decade and I was married three times before I met her. Yes, I've been married 4 times over the past 40 years and learned a few things along the way about how to make a marriage last. Not only last, but thrive! Click here for a short story about 10 Things I Learned While Married to 4 Unique Women.

I've had two major car accidents in my life. This is the short story about the second car crash and lessons that I've gleaned from that crash many years later. Click here to read Car Accident: The Flying Dodge Dart.

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