Love is God 

God is love 


Love is a universal language 

God isn’t necessarily so, but I suppose  disagreeing can be its own form of communication. 

Love is. 

Love simply is. 

They say love is blind but it isn't blind at all because love sees everything 

And loves it 

Love is a religion 

Religion is love 

Umm, nope, not always 

Love is everywhere 

Love sees all 

And loves what it sees 

Every sentient being understands love 

We are born from Love 

We die being loved 

Even if we were an asshole 

Love is 




Love is 



Love kicks you in the ass when you need it 

And hugs you too 

Love understands 

Love is 




Love seeks 

Love finds 

Love is understood in any language 

Love gets it. 

Love is at the deepest level of every living thing 

Love is in our cells 

Love permeates 

Love is you 

You are love. 

Bye, I love you!

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