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Finding My Birth Father Ed Toews

Help me find my birth father Ed Toews

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Poem called One Step At a Time

Inspirational Poem called One Step At a Time

Continue reading "Poem called One Step At a Time"

Our One Year

My 2017 anniversary poem to Lima

Continue reading "Our One Year"

Top 10 Inspirational Quotes

My top 10 Inspirational quotes for all occasions, like weddings, congratulations, or when you or someone you love needs encouragement.

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I am grateful for gratitude, I am.

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See Everything See Nothing Poem

A powerful poem about being completely present with yourself. While you experience everything, you react to nothing.

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Relationship Advice For Married Men

Relationship Advice From a Man Married 4 Times to Four Unique Women!

Continue reading "Relationship Advice For Married Men"

Car Accident

A Ridiculous Car Accident with my Honda Civic on a sunny Saturday

Continue reading "Car Accident"

That light was green

This is a short story about errors of my youth and my first car accident

Continue reading "That light was green"

Lessons from my Mom

The short story of the day that my mom died and the lessons I learned from her. This short story is also about the family camp.

Continue reading "Lessons from my Mom"

My father the techie

Story of my father and his early passion for every possible gadget

Continue reading "My father the techie"

Titanic Story

An inspirational story about my Grandma Helga who was on the Titanic as a young child.

Continue reading "Titanic Story "

Love Is Poem

A poem about love

Continue reading "Love Is Poem"

No Escape

A poem about everyone in all things. We are one. There is no escaping it.

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A collection of posts to the whatfeelstrue hashtag, which is a hastag I started using in 2017 as a social experiment.

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