One Step at a Time

The feeling is all too familiar

Like a slow-moving black mass, failure moves in.

There is no defense except massive action, but

Running in molasses is slow, hard, work.

Her looks of adoration have turned into contempt

Gentle touches all but gone

Lust has become dust

Replaced by worry and anxiety

The past

The past taunts him

It mocks him

Never to let him be free

Poor life choices accumulate


Better days are gone leaving only

Broken pieces of hope here and there

Desperately the man stands

Stands in the storm that

Rages against him

From inside and out

Standing strong against the 

Avalanche of consequences

As strong as a weak man can be

With so many fresh starts that now stagnate

The tsunami of life choices

Wash away inspiration

Creativity crushed and trodden 

By mountains of debt and doubt

Dare he even imagine better times

When all attempts previous have been dashed

Abandoning all hope of ever changing his past

He steps forward the only way he knows how

One step at a time.

~ Clifton

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