today we are married one year

twelve months

365 days

math math math 

hours minutes and seconds

today we celebrate our love

and commitment to one another

today we gaze and amaze 

at the flight of time

you emanate truth and beauty

physically and energetically

i marvel at your depth and understanding

and your desire to know truth

even when its revelation might sting

we revel in our growth and

movement through our personal exodus

yet we feel closer to our spouse 

than ever

exquisitely intertwined

deeply in love

a new excitement gushes 

and crashes against

against memories of troubled times

reminding us of our power

our strength and 

the depth of our love

the future

dare we hope that our path will

open wide before us 

leading us to vast expanses

and profound insights

as we explore within



allied together


with love

now and always


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