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Ten Things I Learned While Married
to Four Unique Women

Relationship advice that will save your marriage.

Should you take relationship advice from me? Maybe! I have been married four times to four exceptional women, and I am not yet age 60. 

Why would you care? And why would you want relationship advice from a man with three failed marriages? I will tell you why in just a moment.

You won’t see any detail about my relationships below. For the record, the four women who chose to become my wife are all amazing, capable, smart, and beautiful women in their own unique way.

I don't typically offer relationship advice, however I think this is too important not to share! In fact, I wish someone had shared this type of relationship advice with me about 40 years ago.

And just so you know, I’ve been in love with my current wife for going on a decade. So success, right!? 

Since my first marriage at age 19, I have changed. A LOT! In fact, I was a different man at each of my weddings. The man that I like most was the one at my last wedding.

And I think my wife would agree! 

We grow, and we change over time. There are shortcuts that I wish I knew 40 years ago, but where’s the fun in that?

However, if you like shortcuts, and a happy wife, keep reading for some relationship gold and wisdom. These ten critical areas highlight what I learned along the way. To be clear, I am still learning! 

You, young man, should care because these ideas just might save your relationships if you pay heed.  Do these things and beautiful relationship bliss will unfold. Ignore them at your peril.

Trust me; I learned the hard way!

Relationship Advice:
Ten Things I Learned While Married to Four Unique Women

1. Your attitude towards her

Relationship tip number one - treat her with kindness and generosity. Be gentle and never harsh towards her. Ask her often if there is anything you can do for her. Don’t use “jokes” to say something mean to her. Use good manners, say please and thank you. Be a gentleman. Treat her like a queen. 

2. Your woman knows you better than you think

She pays attention to you whether you realize it or not. She also remembers everything in way more detail than most men are capable of. And then there’s her intuition, her radar. You may as well be real because she knows when you are faking it.

3. Learn her language and listen to her

Heed her advice. Listen with your whole heart. Trust her - she has your best interests in mind.

It can be difficult for a man to admit when he doesn’t have the answer, at least not the correct one.

It is okay for her to be right. Remember that she’s special. Be a good influence on one another.

4. Maintain close friendships with your fellow men

This relationship tip is about you and is an entire topic on its own, but simply put, men need men.

Strong men need to hang out with strong men. Heck, all men, especially young men, need to spend time with healthy, mature, masculine men. Men that are real with each other and who tell the truth about whatever is happening in their lives.

Men have a way of recharging each other’s mature masculine energy when we spend quality time together. 

And here’s the thing, our women need their men to maintain a super healthy balance of mature masculine energy. Because if we don’t keep strong masculine energy, she has to. If she must, she will move into more masculine energy, but it isn’t ideal because everyone in her world (including you) benefit immensely when she is fully and gloriously in her divine feminine energy, not in her masculine.

More on that another time.

Men, check out Mankind Project and get to a training weekend - it will change you for the better.

5. Never let up on your personal development

Never let up on your personal development, physically, intellectually, emotionally or spirituality - it is all essential, to both of you.

Don’t let yourself go. Continue working hard to become the best version of you available.

We never “arrive”. It is all about the journey, my friend. Do the work. Enjoy the moments.

6.    Find ways to learn or create something together

Building Ikea furniture together is a fantastic relationship test and builder.  

Continue to create memories and experiences. It is our gold in life.

7.    Find ways to touch her, with: 

kind words 

your touch 

a gift

your written word

a demonstration of your deep love for her - let it ooze from your pores.  

a gesture

Remember, it is okay to be affectionate and show your love. Even in public. You have my permission.

8.    Be a good “roommate”

This is common sense, or at least I hope it is.

Men, look after your home.

Don’t leave a mess.

If you find a mess, clean it.

Do dishes, laundry, and recycling.

Cook for her.

Do chores with your wife, or for her, it is your choice but don’t be a slob.

9.    Talk about your feelings. Yes, really.

She sometimes won’t know what you’re doing in your day, but it can be important for her to know what you’re feeling.

She’s already picked it up on her radar, and now she’s waiting for you to confirm it with your words.

Confirming it for her will require you to be a bit vulnerable, which is hard for a man, but it builds trust.

Denying or hiding your true feelings from her will likely erode trust.

You want her trust. Man, you need her trust.

10.   Have fun together

Further to number 6 above, be rebel, vagabond, adventurous, light-seekers together.

Laugh together.

Do road trips.

Watch sunsets.

Go for breakfast.

Make love in the morning.

Make out at a movie.

Make art.

Write love notes to one another.

Trade massages - the beautiful warm oily kind.  

Set goals together - whether or not you achieve them doesn’t matter as much as how close you become working toward a common dream.

Take goofy pictures.

It doesn’t matter, just have some fun together.

Relationship advice fills the pages of magazines and web sites, and now you have one more perspective. I hope you find that these relationship tips will aide you and your Queen to spend most of your days in "marital bliss". 

One more thing, tell her “I love you” more than you think is necessary.

Like, even right now. Go on, tell her.  Or click here to read her my poem called Love Is.

After that, find a way to create a unique experience with her.  

I'd love to hear your story! Share on my FaceBook page if you're comfortable.

Thanks for reading.


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