See Everything, See Nothing

Poem by Clifton Kanto

You will be there when you get there

In the meantime, be here.

See everything, yet see nothing

Hear everything, yet hear nothing

Be everything and be nothing.

Stand where you are

Notice everything and notice nothing.

You will be there when you get there

In the meantime, just be here.

Let everything be just as it is

Feel everything, yet feel nothing

Love everyone, yet

Love no one more than yourself.

Like the Giant Tortoise beneath 

Tumultuous, crashing waves

Be serene, be still, and be chill.

So the mighty Oak bends against the wind

Yet it is strong, solid and deep at its roots.

Breathe in acceptance

Breathe out release.

You will be there when you get there

For now, be here, and be still.

Clifton Kanto


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